What is InterPlay?

InterPlay is based on a series of easy, fun and engaging incremental “forms” or ways of interacting with each other that lead participants to movement, telling their own stories, and to song. Firmly based in affirmation and looking for the good. InterPlay offers a pathway for self discovery. Each person decides how much or how little to do based on their own comfort level.

InterPlay celebrates the creativity in every one of us and reignites the playful parts of ourselves. We learn to expand our personal awareness and grow our powers of noticing and of bearing witness. InterPlay explores the language of play in a deep and powerful way.

InterPlay is a community of people around the world who speak the shared language of body wisdom, creativity and play. InterPlay practices help build communities and relationships that live and flourish in everyday life. It offers learning in personal and team dynamics, leadership and personal potential.

InterPlay is used by leaders in community outreach with homeless shelters, retirement facilities, prisons, churches, therapy and much more.

InterPlay was founded by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter more than thirty years ago and has spread around the world becoming a community of people around the world who speak the shared language of play.

Come and join us!

Look for InterPlay DC *events *including day long Open Gatherings, Life Practice, Leadership Training, retreats and workshops.

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To find out more about InterPlay visit the national website InterPlay.org

Open Gathering, Life Practice and some special events are held across from Takoma METRO (free parking at Metro Station on weekends). In the Seekers Church sanctuary. Entrance in back of building. Knock loudly if door is locked.

See announcements for locations of special Workshops and Events